Monday, July 21, 2008

Not ready for the poker circuit just yet, then

Jonah: Mummy Mummy, Lucas sad!

Me: Is he, darling?

Jonah (nodding vigorously): Ya. It crying.

Me: Poor Lucas - what's up with him?

Jonah: I hit it. I push it ohh-ver.

Well, I suppose we want him to be honest...


Kathryn said...

I came across your blog through the Matt & Madeline blog. You're so funny and I love reading what you write with an Irish accent in my head. :O)
I could really realte to your recent post about getting up early to work out. I soooo need to do that too. I actually used to be a really good runner...slow, but steady, but that's also when I had a flatmate to run with me. Seems I'm no good when left to my own to do it. Too bad we don't live closer together to be jogging mates!

Happy day to you!


Kathryn M. in Berlin from Matt's site

Hawkfeather said...

that is beyond priceless..
wait what would beyond priceless be??

still too TOO cute.. and honest is a great trait i think.
I have a Jonah too but mine is almost 10 now..still my baby none the less.

sarahfranklin said...

It's great to see you both here! Glad you're enjoying the blog so far - it'll motivate me to move the posts beyond my head and onto the screen.

Hawkfeather: another Jonah! I'm so glad to meet another one... over here everyone thinks it's quite odd that we've named our child for a symbol of nautical bad luck!

Kathryn: maybe we should be virtual jogging mates? And I'm charmed by the idea of you reading with an Irish accent, although my own accent is (disappointingly) English. The kids are picking up the brogue, though, which is fab and a post in its own right...