Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nun better

After secular Seattle, it's funny being in a culture where religion is so all-pervasive. Sometimes, too, it seeps through in ways that crack me up. Like this, on a radio phone-in:

Local Dublin kid, praising a nun for free tuition ("grinds") which got her through her exams:

"Big up Sister Margaret - she's a bleedin' hero"

Somewhere out there there has to be a nun giggling into her habit...

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Kate said...

Hi, Sarah. I see I had a visitor to my blog from Ireland. I became so excited, I made a blog post about it!


Perhaps it was you, linking to me from Matt Logelin's blog?

I love this nun picture. She's got some really bad habits, tho, you can tell. ;-)

Yours on the other side of the pond,
Mary Kate (Flanagan) Siegel