Monday, July 19, 2010

These are my trees: Didn't fall far

We went into Jonah's pre-school last week for his pre-Big School 'report'. He's lovely, they said. We know that, we said, but thank you; it's still good to hear from others.

My other favourite part of the report? Jonah's been taking part in a 10-week project called Forest School. Once a week, he and his classmates have spent the 'classroom' session outside, literally, in a forest, messing around with trees, learning to cook around a fire, making pictures with 'treasures' they find. At four I'd have adored it; at nearly 40, I think it's more or less compulsory for the soul.

In preparing the report, Jonah's teachers asked him what he'd liked best about Forest School.

'The trees', he said.

That's my boy.


Becky said...

my DD loves Forest School at her current school and its one of the reasons I've chosen her new school is that they are seriously forest minded right until year 6!

Sarah said...

It's a damn good reason, Becky! I think Forest School is gorgeous - no idea it even existed until recently. Such a good idea!

kenanddot said...

Through one of the blogs I regularly read, Mummy Do That, I've learned of the existence of Forest Kindergartens, where the children spend each day in a park/forest setting unless the weather is really awful (they start by building a shelter, presumably with rather a lot of help). It sounds like a fabulous idea. I wonder if anyone's thought of having one in Killiney Hill Park?

Glad Jonah has been enjoying himself.