Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Next she'll have her own YouTube channel

Comments from my 82-year-old grandmother:

"Sarah, are you on Facebook? Because C (cousin living abroad) has just been in touch with J (cousin living elsewhere abroad) about meeting up next year and they want to know when you're home."

(to my techie husband): "oh good, I've been waiting for you. I need you to set up my DS. I got playing DS at Christmas and so I went online and found one for myself."


The Christmas season was great to us this year. I hesitate to post such a straightforwardly pleased sentence because I fear what Dan Savage calls the "irony graph". If I'm happy about something, something awful will happen to counterbalance it. "Just as Sarah was praising herself for a wonderful Christmas, the Santa decoration fell from the chimney and crushed her to death". That kind of thing.

Still, it was all kinds of fun. Small children, large gifts, far more wine than whining and belly laughs as well as laughably full bellies. And one of my favourite memories is my Nan, arriving for supper with her pink DS carefully packed in a ziploc bag, harrassing Dave to set it up so that she could beat the crap out of us all at Brain Training. Here's hoping I've got those genes...


Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? said...

Sounds like you had a good one ... Oh and your Nan, she sounds fab!

Zoe said...

If you're not careful your Nan might end up more IT savvy than you. Wouldn't that cause a red face? :)

Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, I hope you managed to get around to the families alright with all that snow that suddenly decided invade North Western Europe.

Sarah said...

Laura: thanks for the comment! Nan is indeed fab; batty, but that's part of the fabness.

Zoe: lovely to see you here! Christmas was great - hope yours was too.