Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

A picture today. I popped out yesterday afternoon to the hairdresser, and when I walked home, dusk was settling in. I came through the gate to our driveway and saw Christmas waiting for me. Dave and the boys had put our tree up in the bay window. It wasn't decorated yet; they were waiting for me to return; but it was there, standing sentry, telling me "hurry, hurry" (I just mistyped that twice as "hurray, hurray", which is about right too).

As I drew closer, I could see Dave at the piano, playing Christmas carols. Jonah was standing next to him singing his little heart out - that's how I knew they were carols. Lucas was dancing in the middle of the room, spinning around. Every now and again he toppled over, giggling, then bounced back up. During one of these bounces he spotted me at the window and barged into the tree to get closer and wave. His little face lit up just like the tree would be a few minutes later and I could hear "Mama! Mama!" over the top of the carols and the caterwauling.

It was one of those moments of total happiness, and it felt utterly timeless, too. Families are the best.


Jonah topped off the full sentiment of the season by flinging the door open, assessing my coiffure, and saying "Mummy! I LOVE your Santa hair!". Ho bloody ho.


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Stan said...

What a lovely Christmas picture, and you brought it so vividly to life! I'm not sure what Santa hair is, though.

Sarah said...

Hello Stan! Bright red, basically - although now it's faded to the colour of Ribena (?!). The hairdresser took me at my word when I said "do something different"...

Stan said...

Ah, that explains it! Thanks Sarah.

Years ago I was Santa for a room of pre-school kids; my Santa hair comprised a not-too-fake fake beard. To my relief, the kids were well-behaved (or awed) enough to not tug it off.