Sunday, May 17, 2009

One these things is not like the other one

Drive from work to daycare, Seattle-style: look up to see two bald eagles circling overhead.

Drive from work to creche, Dublin-style: pause at zebra crossing to let past a nun in running shoes.

Of course, neither of these would have happened in London because you'd never drive to work (and I didn't have kids the years I lived there, so I definitely wasn't driving to daycare) - but I did once encounter a guy with a gun on the tube. Does that count? In case anyone had wondered whether we were truly English, my friend and I, rather than running screaming off the tube, just inched our way gently down the crowded carriage. Our theory was that by putting distance between us and the gun, we wouldn't get too splattered when the inevitable bloodshed occurred. Yes, this sounds as ridiculous to me now as it seemed intrinsically logical then.

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