Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another year older? Halle-bloody-lujah

One of Jonah's little pals is about to turn two, so I asked him what we should buy her for a present. 

"Bob the Builder tractors". No surprises there, then, from our resident Bob worshipper. 

The present obviously sparked thoughts of the whole birthday shebang, though. 

"Wait, Mummy. I find birthday card" came the command, yelled over his shoulder as Jonah rocketed from the room at Toddler Force 9. Seconds later, he was back, proudly displaying said "birthday card": a Guardian supplement of Leonard Cohen lyrics. (I particularly like this rendition for Mr. Cohen's fantastic grumpiness - just what Jonah had in mind, presumably). 

It would seem nihilism is all the rage with the toddler set these days... 

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